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Blair stood up in the House of Commons and frightened them out of their wits

Warning them that Saddam Hussein was about to blow them to bits.

Hinting that he might have seen weapons sites on a secret, secret map.

Why didn't they all stand up and shout "That's crap, that's crap, that's crap!"

Blair and Bush went to United Nations for permission to go to war,

They got a clear answer "Non!" "Nein!" "Nyet" We know what you want it for"

"Oo Noo it's not for oil, we want to get the weapons before they mass destruct,

We don't want to wait around intil you've all properly been.... and looked"

Blairr on TV "Saddam ...y' a very bad man..he's done terrible things... in Iraq"

Told Us! We, who protested against Hussein in the 1980's, way back!

And listed the ghastly tortures, to us, who know all about the regime,

And we know who in the West promoted them like a favourtite football team.

Well, they went to war with their cluster bombs and weapons that are so smart

But when it came to friends, enemies, children, they couldn't tell them apart.

Bush to his men "Well the war's kinda over now, and we're proud of our success.

But there's still that country... Middle East... that's in a doggone mess.

and we've gotta get that bloke Ben Lardy and them fellas called Al,

We're gonna smoke 'em out, round 'em up and drive 'em all into one corral"

Blair and Bush spent BILLIONS on forcing world peace through war

And nothing left for the world's children dying of hunger thirst and violence, disease,

and that's what sticks in my craw!


(I will willingly take back that last line if Bush freely, altruistically, and without any strings

attached, every cent of the money he has promised to give to the world's poor)


Hazel Rennie, 2003.