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The Mama Bears Brigade

The Mama Bears Brigade
Because Action is the Antidote to Despair

The Mama Bears Brigade is an all-volunteer grassroots feminist collective whose members are committed to working for Mother Earth. We focus on fighting back against the military/corporate nuclear profiteers, who poison the Earth and all Her children with radioactivity and carbon emissions arising from every step of the nuclear chain. We protest against uranium mining, power, bombs and waste. We go to frontline locations and engage with indigenous and local activists on networking, education and social/media reporting. We support non-violent civil disobedience in the face of the monstrous and immoral attacks we and all life are enduring. And we need your help!

Energy Fuels Inc has recently acquired the Canyon Mine, seventeen miles south of the Grand Canyon, on sacred Havasupai land in an aggressive merger campaign to corner the North American uranium market. Uranium mining contaminates the water and leaves toxic waste that will remain for the next 4.5 billion years poisoning the planet and endangering long term health and well-being. Traditional indigenous lands are downstream.

We are committed to non-violence. We are a women-led, women's affinity group committed to indigenous women's leadership. We do recruit new members and encourage you to join us, or form your own affinity group. The time to respond to the threats we are facing is NOW.

Donations to PO Box 86324, Tucson, AZ 85754