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(Here we go round the Mulberry Bush)


Why should we dance round the new current Bush?

The recurrent Bush

The Star Spangled Bush

If we don't give him the full bum's rush

Prepare for a First Strike warning.


A right load of suckers we'll all be seen

Creepy and green

Ourselves to demean

Rooting for Bush, we can never be clean

And history's view will be scorning.


That isn't the game we are willing to play,

Having to pay

Having no say

And culpable each bloody step of the way

From the first of the Star War's dawning.


We must stand up and say "Not in our Name"

Not play the game

Make our claim

We'll point our fingers to name and shame

So Blair take heed of our warning.


Blair if you dare to dance with the Bush

The Recurrent Bush

The star spangled Bush

If you do not give him the full bum's rush

Take the blame when the world in is mourning.



Hazel Rennie, 2003.