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14 March 2007 is Trident vote day

Parliamentary time has been scheduled from 12.40-7pm for debate on Trident, followed by vote.


For immediate release

BtB press release re blockade 12 February

With the parliamentary vote on replacing the Trident nuclear submarine fleet expected in mid-March, and a national demonstration of mass opposition called for 24 February in London, anti-nuclear ca

Scots blockade Aldermaston

On 23 January a group of activists from Scotland, including members of Faslane Peace Camp, carried out an unannounced blockade of AWE. Eight people were arrested

AWPC at the Defence Select Committee

Various bits of coverage in the mainstream media.

Block the Builders return to Britain's nuclear bomb factory as Trident debate heats up

In December 2006 the government published a White Paper in which it confirmed its intention to replace the Trident submarine fleet and outlined proposals for replacing the current Trident D5 missil

Investment at AWE should not precede debate on Trident replacement

The Commons Defence Committee published a report on the 19th December which concludes that investment in the Orion Laser could have waited until after the decision in principle on the future of UK'

Two hours of road closures and seven arrests at December Block the Builders

Block the Builders succeeded in massively disrupting early morning traffic into the nuclear weapons factory at AWE Aldermaston on Monday morning.

Tony Blair's legacy: Another 50 years of nuclear weapons?

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp today condemned the
government's White Paper for its commitment to
retaining a UK nuclear weapons system, and for its

Hundreds converge on Atomic Weapons Establishment

The roads around the Atomic Weapons Establishment were gridlocked this morning as over 400 people took part in activities as part of a Greenpeace and Block the Builders weapons inpection.