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Chris Cole in prison

Chris Cole at Aldermaston, February 2010On 19 January Christian activist Chris Cole was g

AWE spreads its tentacles and Serco grovels

AWE plans to spread its tentacles into Scotland, taking over the warhead complex at RNAD Coulport in Scotland, putting almost all of the UK's warhead operation into the hands of private companies.

SDSR: Warhead cuts - and done deals

Tueday's government announcement on the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) makes it clear that this government intends to go ahead with the the replacement of the Trident submarine system

Trident: at what cost?

An article in today's Observer highlights the dangers inherent in the current Trident system, including poor safety procedures at AWE Aldermaston and risks associated with the transportation of war

Hydrodynamics facility Planning Application

29 September, 2010 - 01

The planning application for Hydrus, AWE's proposed new hydrodynamics facility will be heard on Wednesday 29 September in the Calcot Centre, High View, Reading, RG31 4XD.

Observer: Nuclear Arsenals scrutinised over safety lapses, fires and floods

Fears raised by watchdog group [Nuclear Information Service] over plans for new test facility at Aldermaston Trident Base.

Fire at Aldermaston

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp had considered cancelling its regular Camp at AWE Aldermaston this weekend as a result of the continuing risk to the public from the fire which broke out on 3 August 

AWE Aldermaston continue to build while MoD and Treasury fight it out

As the Ministry of Defence and the Treasury squabble over who will fund the next generation of British nuclear weapons, the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) Aldermaston have submitted a planning

Excellent behaviour by Magistrates

On 1 June, the four women arrested in February during the TP blockade finally appeared at Newbury Magistrates Court.