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Activists break into Aldermaston WMD factory

Andrew Gray, from Newcastle, and Sue Brackenbury, from Faslane Peace Camp in Scotland, cut their way through the perimeter fence and spray-painted peace messages on a cluster of buildings just inside the main gate of the site. The slogans included ?Disarm Now? and ?No Convoys? a reference to the transportation by road of Trident nuclear warheads from Aldermaston and Burghfield to Coulport in Scotland.

Andrew said: ?My reason for this action is to draw attention to the ongoing breach of international law that the Trident nuclear weapon system represents and to highlight the intention of the government to develop new illegal weaponry with the laser facility which will be built here.?

Sue said: ?The nuclear weapon convoys that take these weapons to Scotland pose great dangers for people all along the route. They pass through small villages and go very close to schools.?

The action is part of the Trident Ploughshares (TP) disarmament camp at Aldermaston which continues until Friday. TP is an open and nonviolent campaign to disarm Britain?s illegal weapons of mass destruction. TP members have taken a pledge as responsible citizens to do what they can to disarm Trident. There have been spectacular actions like the raid on HMS Vengeance in 1999 when Rosie and Rachel damaged radar equipment on the sub and delayed it for a month and when the Trident Three emptied a Trident research barge of all its computers in June of the same year, as well as mass blockades at the Faslane base and lots of smaller actions by TP groups. There have been over 2000 arrests and TP people have spent over 2000 days in prisons across the UK.

Camp Contacts:
Kate Holcombe 07748015601
Sarah Lasenby 07947054070