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Outrageous Behaviour by Newbury Police

As predicted by the CPS, the four camp women were duly charged with wilful obstruction of the highway when they answered bail on 18th May at Newbury Police Station (together with four other
defendants who did a completely different action at another gate at a different time!)

More importantly though,  and outrageously, they were given the same conditions that were lifted in court on 6th May banning them from using any roads around AWE Aldermaston. When the custody officer was shown the Bail Notice that said that those conditions had been lifted by a judge he replied that the MDP
had said that as they (the women) "were now post-charge, new conditions were necessary to stop them from reoffending."

The custody officer helpfully put all this in writing, which was promptly sent to the judge whose last words on 6th May were that the police should not re-impose bail conditions.

The court case will be on Tuesday June 1st at 9.45 at Newbury Magistrates Court.