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Our Roving Reporter was in the neighbourhood over last weekend during the serious flooding across Berkshire. This photo was taken of the North Ponds area on the Saturday morning.

The North Ponds complex was installed to manage waste water following serious flooding in 1989 which resulted in radioactive contamination of nearby land. In this case AWE were forced to clearup and the MoD paid £6m compensation to landowners Blue Circle.

Our reporter stated that the water was "pouring down the concrete gulley, flowing unrestriced over the top of a smaller holding tank, and running off as rushing groundwater under the gate. The water was knee deep outside the fence."

Campaigners have informed the Environment Agency who, apparently, expresed some suprise as AWE had not informed them themselves about the incident.

Facilities for producing nuclear warheads are further up the hill and therefore at less serious risk of flooding (on this occasion). Local villages at the bottom of the hill were not so lucky.