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Serco is one of the three companies that make up AWE-ML - the joint venture company with the contract to run AWE Aldermaston and Burghfield until 2025.

Serco are a UK FTSE-100 company with diverse contracts which include managing detention centres, prisons, hospitals, schools and public transport. Typically almost 30% of their turnover comes from the "defence" sector worldwide.

Because Serco are floated on the London stock exchange it is possible for AWPC - and others - to hold shares in the company. Shareholders are entitled to attend the company's AGM, ask annoying questions and arrive on their doorstep requesting an inspection of the accounts.

Here you can find all stories relating to AWPC's Serco shareholder campaign.

Aldermaston Women attend Serco AGM

Some of us went to the Serco AGM yesterday at Canary Wharf. Serco are 1/3 of the management company that runs AWE. Apparently there's some kind of injunction against protest at Canary Wharf.

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp letter to Guardian on day of Serco AGM

Aldermaston Women have a letter published in the Guardian today on the day of the Serco AGM. Serco are one of the three companies who manage AWE (alongside Lockheed Martin and Jacobs Engineering).

Submarine Dismantling Project waste store

Now that nuclear submarine dismantling is to take place at Devonport & Rosyth, the MOD are committed to finding a site for the resulting intermediate level nuclear waste (ILW).

AWE spreads its tentacles and Serco grovels

AWE plans to spread its tentacles into Scotland, taking over the warhead complex at RNAD Coulport in Scotland, putting almost all of the UK's warhead operation into the hands of private companies.

Another Serco is Evil story....

In addition to making nuclear weapons, AWE partner Serco also runs detention centres.

Last week they prevented Father Christmas from taking presents to children detained at Yarlswood.


Report from Serco AGM

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Serco - one to watch

The rising trend in public-private-partnerships as a means of supplying public services is benefiting a handful of companies around the world.

Serco AGM: damp but...

This morning a small band of rogue Serco shareholders disrupted the "business as usual" approach at the Annual General meeting, held in the QEII Conference Centre in central London.