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This is a selection of poems by Hazel Rennie, who's been part of Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp since 1985. Her poetry has been widely published, and she has also delighted us for many years with her readings of these and other poems around the camp fire.

This selection includes poems about Aldermaston, about war and some nursey rhymes for today. The poems written in the lead up to and aftermath of the 2003 war on Iraq, as yet another public enquiry into that war opens, shows her remarkable prescience and understanding of war.

Aldermaston March

Join the march to Aldermaston

Time to put a stop to what’s going on

At a nuclear weapons’ installation.

We demand an immediate cancellation

With a finger on the trigger of a gun

“We just can’t stand by and do nothing”

Cry those with a finger on the trigger of a gun

As if there is nothing to be done

We told you so (revisited)

Now bombers again prepare to attack.

Tanks and armies ready to go into Iraq.

We are anti-war, we marched on campaign,

And we know all about Saddam Hussein.

Public Enquiries

Awkward questions requiring answers

From Blair's ministry of chancers,

All scrabbled together to consult their diaries

As they prepared for public enquiries