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This is a selection of poems by Hazel Rennie, who's been part of Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp since 1985. Her poetry has been widely published, and she has also delighted us for many years with her readings of these and other poems around the camp fire.

This selection includes poems about Aldermaston, about war and some nursey rhymes for today. The poems written in the lead up to and aftermath of the 2003 war on Iraq, as yet another public enquiry into that war opens, shows her remarkable prescience and understanding of war.

Knitting against Trident

Clickety clack

Forward and back

We set our pitch

We Told You So!

Trickling their poison from Aldermaston

To drip feed from Pangbourne ever anon

"Old Father Thames won't notice whatever is fed

And no one else knows or cares" the MOD said.

See Saw, Marjorie Daw

See Saw

Marjorie Daw

Aldermaston has a new master,


We know very well

Is heading straight for disaster.

Policemen of the World

We are the world's policemen

So y'all have to do as we say.

Y'all want to have world peace? then

Go for it! Just as long as you go our way.


Modern Nursery Rhymes

(Here we go round the Mulberry Bush)


Why should we dance round the new current Bush?

This is not War

This is not War

This shameful aggresion about to begin,

This is arrogant, callous, raw

Determination to crush - do not say "To win"


Blair stood up in the House of Commons and frightened them out of their wits

Warning them that Saddam Hussein was about to blow them to bits.


Fear should not be a child's constant companion

Stringing tender nerves taut with random alarms;

A child should know the world holds compassion enough

A Dust of Shame

A dust of shame is settling over the world

Day by Day left unheeded


To drift in deadening heaps

Blotting out the light of hope;

Its particles falling

The Queen Mother's Centenary

Castle squatter

Schemer plotter

Queeen Bee of the Queenery

Honey smiling,

Money piling

Behing the royal scenery

Such rapacity!

and what audacity