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Brrr.... it's freezing!


camp in snow feb09

Obstructive, moi?

Following the "surprise" blockade in June two camp women are going to trial for wilful of obstruction of the highway on 26 November (listed for Reading, but could well end up being Newbury).

DD: the return!

A controlled fireSeptember camp was interesting to say the least. First - and indeed for the first time this summer - the weather: it was seasonally correct. It behaved exactly like typical early September days; sunny, dry and warm-ish. Hurrah!

Great British Summer

19 August 2008

Strike for donuts! Down with dampness! We love Tadley-ites!

TP blockade 10 April

Yesterday's blockade was ok - somewhere between 50-80 people showed up and two roads were blocked for about and hour and a half in total.

Blockading the Square

Another day in court

A wheelie good action (groan...) and an "intelligence approach"

Looking forward to camp!

had our day in court

well, after catching the plods unaware during the last block the builders blockade, five of us from camp managed a lock on at home office gate while other camp women blockaded the road

in anticipation

They're so ungrateful...