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Aldermaston Women’s Peace Camp July 2013

Gate poetry blockade

Sinister walking

During May we spent a lot of time being physically active: climbing the tree to look at the warhead convoy at Burghfield, running around the outer perimeter fence of AWE Aldermaston and honing our gaz

Stop Fooling with Nuclear Weapons 2013 Speech on behalf of AWPC

The following speech was given by Angela at the "Stop Fooling With Nuclear Weapons" April 2013 CND demo.

Women's gate at 1st April Aldermaston CND demo

Women's gate at Aldermaston 1st April 2013 CND demo

Article in Peacenews

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp have an article in Peacenews:

January camp

Freezing of course, the actual temperature was not too bad but it was windy and wet at times. We managed to keep warm though.

Race around the base

Two challengers for the AWPC Harriers championship ran around the perimeter of AWE Aldermaston in October, one clockwise and the other anti-clockwise completing the 4.69 miles in just over an hour.

September camp

A lovely Camp was had by all and we did a roundabout camp on Saturday
afternoon. Then on Sunday am a AWE tanoy message re problems in Building
24. Repeated but mainly undeciferable. Unusual.

Long Camp visits AWE Burghfield


Grassy camp

Grassy camp

April boots


Spring camp

There were no northern lights visible from Dingly Dell but a huge moon appeared from behind the A90.

Rainbow camp


Stirling work was done by 3 women yesterday in stripping the new caravan and converting it to a proper (labelled!) store for camp stuff.

Nuclear Weapons - can't we say it?

Listening to ex-General Dannatt on "Telegraph TV", which I venture is a non-TV web video masquerading as a news channel on the Telegraph's news site,