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This page includes a selection of articles written by camp women and an archive of "Aldermaston Update", AWPC's pre-web newsletter.

AWPC Memorandum to Human Rights Committee

On 24 April 2008, the Human Rights Joint Committee issued a call for evidence relating to the right to protest, and in particular:

Two sides of the same fence

Almost a year ago, parliament voted to replace Trident … or did they?

AWPC Memorandum to Defence Committee, 2007

Evidence submitted by AWPC to the House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into the Government's White Paper on the future of the UK's nuclear "deterrent".

AWPC: Memorandum to Defence Select Committee, 2006

In advance of the parliamentary vote on the replacement of Trident, the House of Commons Defence Committee initiated a series of inquiries into the future of the UK's "strategic deterrent".

Why is Britain's Nuclear Weapons Infrastructure Being Upgraded?

If Britain takes seriously its "unequivocal undertaking...

Aldermaston Update: Archive

In the days before the web AWPC produced and published Aldermaston Update, our sporadic newsletter.

An archive of old issues is gradually being added here.

Business is booming!

The nuclear industry has always been intrinsically bound up with state militarism and in the globalised marketplace.

Crossing Paths

Every week, it seems, another can of worms opens, both nationally and internationally.

Women and nonviolent direct action

It depends how we feel at the time…is an article from the archives of Peace News by two AWPC women.

Fences: the definitive illustrated guide

You're down at your local military base, ready for a spot of disobedience, but there's always a fence in your way.