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Submarine Dismantling Project waste store

Now that nuclear submarine dismantling is to take place at Devonport & Rosyth, the MOD are committed to finding a site for the resulting intermediate level nuclear waste (ILW).

AWE is one of the candidate sites, as it is MOD property with existing security & nuclear safety expertise. In fact, AWE already is a nuclear waste store for its own intermediate level waste, generated over 60 years of warhead production.

From a safety point of view, there is no contest between living near a nuclear weapons manufacturing facility and a waste store. Waste is far less dangerous than a nuclear weapons factory. AWPC supports a change of use for AWE: from manufacturing to waste store. The A90 production line should be closed & the facility used only for dis-assembling warheads.

The same goes for AWE Burghfield. The new "Gravel Gertie" dis-assembly bunkers will be needed until all 200+ warheads in the UK stockpile are taken apart, then the bunkers would make ideal waste stores for the dismantled submarine waste which can be monitored for the 100 years life of the ILW interim store, before it is moved to a national depository
for 1,000s of years.